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Mutifuntion mini pico dlp projector portableT6/T8/T9,Only 1kg weight

What we have here is a device that looks like a thick Android smartphone projector portable. It even runs on Android (4.4 Kitkat.)

Brightness/clarity: Obviously not as bright as my nice Epson, but it's brighter than the other ones. Real world - in a room with standard lighting, at five feet away, you can see the picture but it's dim and washed out. You can still see the image and read text. Cut the lights and it's saturated and bright. Side by side with our HDTV with the lights out, it looks about the same. I can even read the smallest text. It really is 1080P - with my other cheap projectors - and the four year old one - forget trying to read small text. Is that really important? Well since this is android based, many of the menus are your typical Android menus, so there's lots of small text.

Keystone/focus: The keystone is automatic, so you can have this at pretty much any angle and the image is corrected. The focus is touchy. It's a mechanical wheel next to the lens, and literally 1/16" of a turn changes focus totally. Wiggling it can effect focus. One corner always seems to be a little out of focus. The focus mechanism is my main complaint, but not a deal killer. Set it and don't touch it again unless you move the projector.

Sound: There's a teeny speaker that works, and a 1/8" stereo jack. The speaker sound is what you'd expect - not great, but you can use it in a pinch. Headphones sound a lot better - great actually, but the output level from the jack is HIGH. You'll need to turn it down - almost all the way then slowly increase it. I also tried it connected to powered external speakers - same thing - cut the volume as much as possible and use the amp in your speakers.

Picture: Surprisingly good. In a dark room it's bright and crisp, with one corner a little out of focus - that's noticeable with subtitles, but it's not too bad. You can play videos and view images using a variety of built-in apps - remember, it is Android based. This would be killer on a camping trip, parties, etc. It's not going to replace a big projector, but it's a LOT better than those sub-$150 projectors and on-par with $300 models.

Playing video, etc.: This takes a micro SD card, and I tested a variety of capacities. 32 gig is the largest it can take - 64 gig was not recognized. It even took my old 1 gig card. Played a variety of formats with no problem, but for subs I needed hard-coded. But you can get a better app for that. Streaming was decent - you're limited by your network, etc. Netflix was fine. Kodi from a streaming site was worse than a cam, and the audio was godawfull. Photos were also great.

Apps: Lots built in. Before you run any, setup the wireless network. All the apps will update. Wireless setup is my other complaint. After entering your password and proceeding, there's no indication if my password worked and I'm connected. I was - as evidenced by the apps updating - but it was a bit bizarre. Kodi is built-in, along with all the needed add-ons. Kodi is the app that the movie industry is trying to ban because it allows you to download and stream movies from Torrent and streaming sites. And, yes, it works. You can also connect this to your social media and Google account (just like any other Android smart device.) It even has Google Maps - but no GPS. But this would be cool for planning a trip with a group.

Portability: Built-in battery that lasts around three hours, plus a 5V DC jack (AC adapter included.) So you could power this from any 5V DC source, including many battery packs, as long as you have the right connector. The bottom has a 1/4-20 thread, so you can mount this on a tripod. There's a mini-tripod included, but it's 100% plastic and feels like it's a dollar store item. It works, but it is pretty flimsy.

Connectors: Full sized HDMI - out only, cable included. This can be used as a streaming media player connected to your TV. There's two USB ports for attaching accessories. One is compatible with a USB/Ethernet connector (not included.) You need to use a specific chipset version detailed in the manual so you can find a driver that works. I did not try that, as wireless worked great. 1/8" stereo audio jack. DC in.

Networking: Supports 2.4 and 5 GHz wireless, plus wired (with an optional adapter.) You can also connect to your cell phone if you configure it as a hotspot, meaning you could stream Netflix, etc., almost anywhere.

Setup: Configure wireless networking first and let everything update. That's about it. If you want to link your Netflix, Facebook, Google and so on, it's the same as with any other device.